What's holding you back?

Let’s work together to unlock the answers to the questions nagging at you. My goal is to ease your mind and bring you comfort, peace and understanding.

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Using a combination of coaching, guided meditation, and energy work, I help clients create immediate and lasting positive change in their lives.


My combination of life experiences, education, spiritual teachings and trusting in my connection to the Divine, allows me to provide comfort, guidance, and healing to people from all walks of life. I can help you to discover & embrace the true essence of who you are.

ZPoint (Energy Psychology)

ZPoint Process is an Energy Psychology technique designed to easily and immediately release debilitating beliefs and emotions. It is a powerful tool which dissolves the negative feelings that hold you back.

Reiki & Reiki Fusion

Reiki is a Japanese holistic, light-touch, energy-based modality which promotes relaxation and healing by supporting the natural energy rhythm of the body. Benefits of this modality include stress reduction, improved sleep, and relief from emotional distress.

Distance Healing

Have Reiki sent to your home, your business, or your work–you can receive the benefits of Reiki without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere.

What to expect

1) Consultation

A 15 – 20 minute phone conversation to establish a connection and see if you and I would be a good fit. Risk-free, you don’t pay anything. Together we can decide on a plan of action based on what you feel you need.

2) Make a Plan

There are no one size fits all solutions–that’s why it’s important to create a personalized plan of action for each of my clients, based on their unique situation and needs. Your plan of action may include a blend of coaching sessions, energy work, and distance healing.

3) Coaching Sessions

Coaching can be conducted in person, over the phone, or online through services such as Skype. Regardless of which service you choose, you can expect to leave feeling relaxed, hopeful and empowered.

4) Ongoing Support

After your session, if you have more questions or need to talk, I’ll be there for you. Clients often call, text or meet for lunch for a little extra support.

Results reported by clients

Reduced stress

Fewer negative thoughts

Increased confidence

Better understanding and acceptance of self and past experiences

Forgiveness of self and others

Increased sense of joy – more laughter

awareness of your strengths

Booking Information

Please contact Rev. Pamela by phone or email to book an appointment. If I cannot answer your call, leave a message with your contact information and I will contact you as soon as I become available.

Single Session

  • Conducted in the style and format of your choice. Recommended for clients looking for a  periodic “top-up”  

Extended Plan

    • I offer a reduced hourly rate when clients book 7 or more sessions as part of their plan.

Distance Healing

  • Distance Healing is also available for families at a rate of $100 / month

A $50 deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remainder to be paid no later than the date of your session. For those booking multiple sessions, the deposit will be carried forward and deducted from the cost of your final session.

Not sure whether these services are right for you?

I’d be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have.

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