Evolove… is LOVE spelt frontwards and backwards; the very foundation of all that I do here. What is different about me? I know, through my own personal experience, people have the ability to heal themselves with guidance and support.  People CAN get past obstacles and hard lessons in life. Challenges/obstacles do not need to be barriers preventing you from living a fulfilled and peaceful life. I share and teach you the tools that I learned, used, then trained in, on my own healing path. Dramatically changing the course of my own life.  Allow me to show you too, how you can do it.  I can do this in person, over the phone, or virtually.



About Rev. Pamela

For over two decades, I have been helping people like you to overcome their pain, fear, and self-doubt by teaching them to tap into the abundant love and energy present in the universe. Throughout my life, I have experienced more than my share of mental and emotional trials: abuse, assault, depression, low self-esteem. In time, however, I learned that my difficulties were my also greatest lessons and blessings.

My hope is to interact with you and explore all the amazing possibilities for growth. You see, this is very much reciprocal. As I help others learn and grow and heal. I myself get to grow and learn more also.

What I bring to the table

My combination of life experiences, education, spiritual teachings and trusting in my connection to the Divine, allows me to provide comfort, guidance and healing that is beyond what traditional therapy can offer. I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to experience the emotions that the world has gifted to you; good, bad, weird, interesting and everything in between.

Whatever needs to happen to ensure your life is as fulfilling as you deserve we will work together to achieve this!

  • Compassionate
  • Genuine
  • Reflective
  • Grounded
  • Non-judgemental

My Credentials

Social Service Worker Diploma; Mohawk College ’04

Reality Therapy/Choice Theory Certification; William Glasser Institute ’06

3 Spiritual Healing Certificates

Reiki Level II

ZPoint certification

Motivational Interviewing Certification – U of T

Certified Hypnosis Practitioner with Canadian Hypnosis Certification Program

Certified Hypnotist With International Hypnosis Federation

Ordained as Spiritual Interfaith Minister with Esoteric Interfaith Church

Pastoral Chaplain – Community Catholic Church of Canada

Author – Published 2020 – Musings for Life

What Clients Have Said

We all have battles we face, whether they be emotional, physical, or spiritual. During these times, we need to remember that turning inward does not serve us well, and instead we need to reach out to someone like Pam. I can think of no one better to help you navigate through muddy waters.

[Pamela’s] radiant and positive personality can brighten even the dimmest of moods and she has always been a reliable shoulder when need be. Her incredible gift has brought insight into a clouded situation I had been in and made everything make sense. You will not regret spending a single moment with her. She is an inspiration, not only to me but to everyone who meets her.