lifelong-learning-wordle-1024x542Hello I am back… hahaha.  Time to get back into the swing of things.   How quickly life can side track us from following our passion and our bliss.  I’m so excited to be back working at what I love to do.   I have acquired more skills for my tool box.  Now certified in Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.   And Past Life Regression.     So many things to help others on their journey and healing.    I realized since I went back to school in 2003, I  developed a passion for learning.  Not only for my continued growth also, that of my clients as well.   I can say without a doubt, I will never stop.  It is so satisfying to put it all to good use.  Nothing is ever wasted; even if I sometimes wonder if a course was worth it.   I have discovered is always is.   I also now see how blogs can be a great  source of learning for many people.  With this in mind… I ask all you….what would you like to learn more about from me?   What would you like me to write about.   This, I hope will be a way of interacting with you and give you some insights on things you want to learn about.   I love to share and explore.   Let me know  I am all ears or this case.