What's holding you back?

Let’s work together to unlock the answers to the questions nagging at you. My goal is to ease your mind and bring you comfort, peace and understanding.

Services Offered

As a Holistic Therapist I combine social work, psychotherapy, guided meditations, along with a solid understanding of energy work. With this combination clients will create immediate and lasting positive change in their lives. My services include, Practical Application Psychotherapy, Spiritual Teacher and Healer; Understanding the power in our words and the effects of its energy. (Workshops and Keynotes), As well I am an Ordained Spiritual Minister and Pastoral Chaplain. Offering services as Ceremonial Officiant, Pre-Marital Counseling and Officiant of Celebrations of Life.

Point of Awareness Method

Developed by Pamela Robinson

Point of Awareness Method is a simple and easy, non-invasive hypnotic/meditative process designed to engage your higher mind/your wisdom or your spiritual self to rewrite or upgrade the known and unknown story your human ego has internalized and continues to tell you over and over. I believe and have experienced firsthand, without this awareness; change can be elusive. By reviewing your life in this state of hypnosis or meditation you will be able to discover many things which are hidden or buried and have great impact on your life today. With this new awareness you can see yourself and life with more clarity and understanding. You will be able forgive yourself and others more easily and you will have subtle shifts in your behaviors. You will be able to feel relief and joy. You will be making more conscious decisions and choices from an authentic, grounded and centered space. No longer operating from that old, internalized story which has held you back for so long.

Hypnosis & NLP

Hypnosis helps to unlock deep seeded beliefs and thought patterns.  Reprogramming on the subconsious or unconscious levels.  Make change more permenant.

Practical Application Psychotherapy

We will work together to explore the impacts of any trauma in your life. With a combination Social Work, and other varied modalities and experience, I will provide you with relief from the concerns that brought you here. You will walk out of a session with a better understanding of those concerns. You will receive a concrete tool to help heal, unlearn, and we will rewrite any possible childhood messaging no longer serving you. Therefore, upgrading the program stored on the subconscious level all that may be known and even unknown. Helping you to be more conscious and present in your life today. Better able to invite peace, contentment and joy into every day. My work comes from a place of personal experience and understand which has led me to education so I can best serve my clients.



 In our sessions you are in the driver seat. The beauty about this is, through conversation I will help you identify the core issue, feelings, beliefs or pain driving the patterns and experiences in your life. As we discuss, explore and put together a plan you get to decide what is important for you to work on or grow from.




Family counseling can help you improve troubled relationships with your partner, children or other family members. We can explore issues such as marital or financial problems, any conflict between parents and children or siblings. It can be used to help a family through a difficult period, a major transition, or mental or behavioral health problems in family members. We will look at how each member is participating in the family unit. What the strengths and weaknesses are in each family member. Learning how each person navigates and operates in the family unit. Explore if everyone’s needs are being met and how they are or are not.


Reiki – $90/30 minutes

Reiki Fusion- $125/30 minutes

A Japanese holistic, powerful, energy-based modality which promotes relaxation and healing by supporting the natural energy rhythm of the body. Benefits of this modality include stress reduction, improved sleep, and relief from emotional distress.

Spiritual Guide & Healing Workshops

From mini sessions, to week long courses, we will delve into the deepest part of your mind, body and soul. Just choose which course resonates most with you and come discover the person you already knew, yourself.


Power and Legacy Program – 8-week course $880 (PIF)
A complete experiential journey and guide to help you discover the power you were born with. Establish a solid understanding and foundation in your innate Spiritual and Psychic Abilities. Be free to live your authentic life. Learn about
• Importance and Ways of Cleansing Space.
• Explore Heavy Attachment to others and Cutting Etheric Cords.
• Psychometry: What it is and How You Can Learn to Use It.
• Dowsing and Pendulums: Learning to trust in yourself and in them.
• Knowing the 5 C’s to understand how you Connect to Source.
• Chanting OM and HU and how they can help you.
• Chakra’s and the various ways they can regulate us and our inner peace.


6 WEEK COURSE $620 – Paid in Full


Discover, Embrace and Nurture Your Inner Champion, in this course which will help you to overcome any of the reasons and ways unable to step in and stand in your personal power by:
• Building your self-esteem and self-confidence
• Understand the power of and eliminating your negative self-talk
• Easing Anxiety and Fears
• Understanding your needs and the importance of self-care and self-love.
• Learn tools to keep you grounded and humble.
• Learn how to deal with rejection.
Are you ready to embrace your life and live it to the fullest? The following course will help you to be the best version of you…in all aspects, in your career and in relationships. Life can be taxing even on those who appear to have it all together. We have all heard of many who fall into the ego traps…either with being arrogant and self-absorbed or falling prey to their hidden insecurities which lead to finding other methods of coping. You can avoid these pitfalls by understanding and managing the good, the bad and the ugly of yourself.


Time of Awesome – $40 per month That’s only $10 a week.
Join us…
I am delighted to share Cameron Irving and myself bringing back a blast from the past. The weekly
event we so loved from our days with Many Mansions a few years back. Because we know how easy it
is to get discombobulated or scattered in these uncertain and chaotic times. Join us in exploring explore
the more zen version of you. Reconnect to Source and one another with a little bit of dance/movement
to raise your vibration before we sit or lay for 15 mins of OM and 15 mins of HU meditation. Then, we
end with another bit of music to ground us. You are sure to leave feeling fabulous for the remainder of
your week. Please email to be added to the list for this course to be co-facilitated with Cameron


Intrinsic Weight Release Program 6-week course $620

Are you frustrated with overeating? Do you understand your emotional eating? How is your underlying self-talk helping or interfering with your enjoyment of the process to a healthier you? There is a lot more power in our words then what we give credit to.
• Learn What is at the Heart of Your Eating Habits.
• Build Confidence in YOU and your Choices.
• Understand the power of and eliminating your negative self-talk.
• Easing Anxiety and Fears.
• Rewrite Your Life Story.
• Understand it is a process.
I invite you to engage in a hypnotic/meditative journey to rewriting on the subconscious level, new ways of thinking and let go of old messaging which is no longer serving you. Through this process you will find you will be more confident and ready to step into a healthier you in a completely new way.

What to expect

1) Consultation

A 15 – 20 minute phone conversation to establish a connection and see if you and I would be a good fit. Risk-free, you don’t pay anything. Together we can decide on a plan of action based on what you feel you need.

2) Make a Plan

There are no one size fits all solutions–that’s why it’s important to create a personalized plan of action for each of my clients, based on their unique situation and needs. Your plan of action may include a blend of coaching sessions, energy work, and distance healing.

3) Coaching Sessions

Coaching can be conducted in person, virtually or video options. Regardless of which service you choose, you can expect to leave feeling relaxed, hopeful and empowered.

4) Ongoing Support

After your session, if you have more questions or need to talk, I’ll be there for you. Clients often call, text or meet for lunch for a little extra support.

Results Reported by Clients

Reduced stress

Fewer negative thoughts

Increased confidence

Better understanding/acceptance of self & past experiences

Forgiveness of self and others

Increased sense of joy – more laughter

awareness of your strengths

Not sure whether these services are right for you?

I’d be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you might have.