Pastoral & Speaking Services

Celebration of Life Service – Cost: $530

Includes meeting with the family, writing the eulogy, and facilitating the service.
It is a way of acknowledging the life of the person who died. It means applauding their life and rejoicing in the fact that they lived.

By holding this ceremony after the remains have been cared for, we together can ensure you plan an event that reflects the life your loved one lived.
My goal and role as an officiant of the Ceremony of Life is to provide a memorial or funeral service that touches everyone present with an understanding of who the person was that died and what they lived for.

I do this with a series of questions I ask of the family and those closest to the person who has passed. Then I write up a eulogy to be approved by those asked, fitting of the person who has passed.

This can include a favorite or meaningful poem chosen by the family. And I will facilitate the service, including others who may wish to share a story or have something to say as per the needs of the loved ones.

Wedding/Spiritual Ceremony Officiant Services – Cost: $530

Includes meeting with couple; prepared ceremony as approved by couple.

The ceremony of choice:

Civil Wedding Ceremony
This type of wedding is for couples who desire to get married in a conventional manner that does not refer to a God or a higher power. May incorporate your customs and traditions as you require.

Religious/Spiritual Wedding Ceremony
This type of wedding ceremony includes references to God and incorporates your choice of prayers, scripture, and blessings. May incorporate your customs and traditions as you require.

Intimate Family Ceremony
This type of ceremony is for couples who wish to seal it with a simple legal ceremony. Religion can be incorporated, as requested.

This ceremony can be held at any location including, your home, a local park, restaurant party room, etc.

Elopements & Mini-Weddings
These types of ceremonies are for couples who do not want the stress of a big wedding or have reduced their guest list due to COVID 19.

Your choice of ceremony type and location are unlimited! Witnesses can be provided for you if you want to just keep it private.

Also, a great solution if you are coming to our beautiful city just to get married.

Pre Marital Counselling Services

Pre-Marital Classes – Investment $800
Pre-Marital Counseling (7 Modules)
Each module helps couples explore, define and understand the many different aspects of the marriage. Many things often overlooked, let alone though of prior to their commitment to one another. Rarely is couple fully aware of their differences until happened upon. Addressing and dealing with these things openly before their said commitment and celebration leaves the couple with more confidence in one another and their connection. Knowing each other on a deeper level, better prepared for the obstacles which can often tear a relationship apart. Giving them a better chance at an enjoyable and healthy relationship and blissful marriage.
Marriage Expectations, Ideas & Role Beliefs.
You may have one idea of what marriage looks like and what it means to be a partner, and yet be blissfully unaware that your soon-to-be spouse feels very differently. In marriage counseling, you’ll uncover what you each believe and have experienced about marriage.

You will get to explore and talk about what each person expects the other to do and be, as well as how each of you sees the structure of the marriage.

What are your deal breakers? For each person this may look different.

Explore how your past can affect your future.
To a big degree, we are all products of our childhood and life experiences. It is important to understand your backgrounds being aware of possible transference, which is a term that means we transfer unconscious qualities, re-creating dynamics from old relationships into new ones.

Being aware of the pain of the past and it might show up in this relationship allows people to make more conscious, healthy choices, and relate in healthier ways.

Resolving conflicts
A couple needs to be able to freely discuss any subject, no matter how personal or difficult. Without this ability, any marriage can struggle.

In marriage counseling, you will work with me to foster your communication and conflict resolution skills.

“Good communication skills are not enough to keep a marriage healthy, but without them, the chance of success in any other area can diminish.

Get Real About Money
We all know that money has a way of interfering in marriages. To prevent future financial fights, we will explore your beliefs around money.

Each partner will have a different relationship to money. There should be no secrets or shame around money in a healthy marriage.

Getting clear on each one’s money story, past and present financial history, and common future goals and intentions can help a couple avoid the common money fights.

Exploring Intimacy
Intimacy is highly personal; we will look at what this means to you and your partner. So, while it might be uncomfortable to discuss your sex life in front of a total stranger, Intimacy is much more than sex.

To understand what each other needs and talking about the one specific to you helps to develop a deeper intimacy for a long lasting healthy physical relationship.

Communication/Love Languages
Open and direct communication are key ingredients in any union, especially if you and your partner have different ways of communicating.

Premarital counseling can be advantageous in helping you discover your styles and how they may influence your marriage.