Good evening everyone. I have been thinking much about this topic. My life seems to have been about service and about giving. Sometimes even questioning why?? Why does it alway seem like I give, give and give. One of the abilities and joys I have been granted in this life. At a time when it seems many people are so caught up in themselves. Being sad, and lonely, and angry a lot. Here I come to lend an ear or a hand. Life and experiences are meant to be shared. Giving is a big part of life.

Giving a smile, or a hug or some wisdom can make such a difference. A difference most of us take for granted or do not really see the value. What have you given lately? Did you do it for gain? Or for the pure joy of someone smiling, or feeling better about themself or their situation?

Giving needs to be all year round, not just at Christmas time. This season does bring giving to the forefront; however, also with is stress and pressure for the gifts we are giving. Most people would love just the time with one another sharing laughter and good moments; creating memories of a lifetime.